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Everyone has a time machine that takes out 86,400 seconds a day.
(That's why I call aTimeLogger simply ATM)
And the difference between people is how you spend those 86,400 seconds. Are you Minute to Win It, or are you doing nothing?
This ebook is my take on the Alexander Alexandrovich Lyubishchev method of time recording.
Share how I've logged my time through TimeTrack / aTimeLogger, learned about myself from real data, entered the "record-categorize-analyze-change" positive loop, mastered my 86,400 seconds, and finally achieved my goal.
Data description: The examples in this book are desensitization data, not practical significance, for reference only
✍️ Word Count: 6 Chapters, 53 verses, 50,000 words
🖥️ Software Environment: Timetrack (FAQ) , iOS 12, Windows 10
⏱️ Use App: aTimeLogger (ATM) ; Timetrack (TT)
📅 Latest modifications: 2020-03-07 13:16:38(Beijing GMT+8)
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