System function - countdown to prevent time wastage

The countdown is TimeTrack's Pro account feature.

Its interface is a bit like a tomato clock, but less obligatory, in the more - set - countdown, select on.

When you set the activity category to use the countdown, you will be prompted to use the countdown when you turn on the corresponding activity.

The most important role of the countdown is to prevent yourself from wasting time on a particular activity.

For example, I have a "planning" activity that is characterized by thoughtful behavior, but prolonged thinking is not always beneficial and may even lead to the consequences of thinking too much and not acting.

So for this kind of "it's easy to take time, but long isn't necessarily good" activity, we can add a countdown function so that we can set the countdown after the activity is turned on, limiting the time we have to produce results after a certain time to avoid unnecessary time wasting.

Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, has referred to the "TimeBoxing" method of time management as being similar.

This method of time planning, known as "TimeBoxing", is derived from the iterative incremental software development process, which is a management method of cutting or delaying incomplete functions within the budgeted time, rather than delaying the budgeted time.

Simply put, TimeBoxing is the Deadline you set for yourself.

It seems that Deadline is really the most productive.