Frequently Asked Questions about aTimeLogger and TimeTrack

How to export CSV report to open messy code in Excel?

Without installing WPS to see Baidu CSV messy code solution, step by step processing is not complicated.

Why isn't there a "goal" in the tab bar?

More - Settings - Show targets in the tab bar.

Why isn't "seconds" displayed?

More - Settings - Display seconds.

There are no seconds on the software side of TimeTrack, only in the exported data.

How can I donate? What is the difference between the different levels of contributions?

aTimeLogger donation link:

Or just scan the code:

There is no difference in price, donations show support for developers and unlocked features are the same.

Already donated Android aTimeLogger, can I use it directly on iOS for free?

No, aTimeLogger 2 for iOS is paid software and retails for $30.

How long will the donation last?

One donation for permanent use.

What is the difference between the "maximum limit" and the "minimum limit" in the type when setting a target?

It can be understood that beneficial targets set a minimum upper limit, harmful targets set a maximum upper limit, and the cues for reaching the target limit are different.

Completion of the minimum limit will prompt "Congratulations" and completion of the maximum limit will prompt "Warning".

Why did he send a screenshot to @Sergei Zaplitny after the donation and he never replied?

Zaplitny is Belarusian and has a 5 hour time difference with the country, so he usually comes online after 14:00.

Didn't get it after sending the email, please check the trash can for it.

What is the use of "Cancel account" under "Login/Sync"?

According to the EU privacy regulations, users have the right to delete their account data, so when you click on "Cancel Account", all your data, including account information, will be deleted on the server, but the data will remain local (on your phone).

Which is the official domestic aTimeLogger store?

Zaplitny in the domestic Android app store is only authorized to upload Huawei and Xiaomi stores, the other stores' installation packages are replicas.

Other than that, the installation package in the group bulletin is also official.

Why did clicking on Sync under "Login/Sync" fail?

There may be network reasons, switch WiFi and mobile network to try again, if still fails, turn off the software process and try again after a few minutes.

Why share CSV to software failure?

It may be that the file permissions for the mobile system are not open, granting file permissions in the settings.

Or try "Share to Email" and select my computer.

Why can't I share my CSV to other software when I only have email and QQ?

Yes, if other software does not show, first click share to email, then other icons will come out.

How do I use the "Groups" feature?

Under the "Category" tab, when you create a new category, check "Group", then move to select another category, click the second move icon in the top right corner, select the group you want to move.

Is it possible to use the query function in the list?

Yes, the second tab, the "magnifying glass" icon in the upper right corner, click to find the category name, notes.

Why is the Calendar Interface missing?

Only when the historical list data range is "Day" will the "Calendar screen" be displayed in the upper left corner, so check to see if the time period you have selected has been changed to a week or month.

Why doesn't the "cross time correction" feature work?

The cross time correction only works on the "Ended" (second tab) activities, and will not be activated by changing the time on the activity page.

Why doesn't my phone's notification bar show ongoing activity?

More - Settings - Notification bar settings, also check whether the phone has set the notification bar permissions, sometimes it still does not show, or you can just start a new activity to try.

Who can I call for feedback on bugs in the software?

Find the developer @Sergei (WeChat: zaplitny) directly in the group and try to use English.

How to become a volunteer to help promote/improve translations, etc.?

Welcome, small questions can be chatted directly with the group. Big problems or long-term improvements can be made directly by contacting the group owner @Junjie Tu or @Sergei

Is the security of the data guaranteed?

Yes, the software has been operating steadily for 5 years, the basic data security is still guaranteed, but if there is an accidental deletion or data is lost inexplicably, please @Sergei immediately, he will help you solve.

What is the difference between aTimeLogger for Android and aTimeLogger 2 for iOS?

The reason for naming them 1 and 2 is that aTimeLogger 1 was iterated to aTimeLogger 2 on iOS, and the Android version was developed on the basis of aTimeLogger 2, so Android aTimeLogger 1=iOS aTimeLogger 2

What is the difference between aTimeLogger and TimeTrack?

The main difference is that TimeTrack has a tomato clock and labeling function, the subscription system is paid for, and Alipay payment is not yet added.

TimeTrack Advanced Edition has the following features:

Prices are shown in the figure (iOS):

How to customize the category icons?

When editing the category icon, go to the bottom left corner to create a new icon and select a picture from the album in PNG format, note that it should be in PNG format.

The new version is not limited to image formats.

Will data be lost when overwriting software installation?

Upgrading overrides the installation without losing it, but it is important to "sync" the data to ensure that it is up to date before installing it when reverting back to a new version or deleting a reinstallation.

What if aTimeLogger doesn't have a "tomato clock"? (Difference per activity/per time period)

aTimeLogger itself does not have a "tomato clock" feature, but we can set a "target" and make our own tomato clock with the characteristics of the target. Add target, set minimum input time, "per time period" means that the corresponding activity is enabled once every interval of the time period to remind, pause and restart even if one time period; "activity each time" means that the corresponding activity is enabled once, regardless of whether it is paused in the middle or not, it will only be counted once, as long as the target is met.

@EternalFool: The key difference is that if there's a pause in the middle, the activity is re-timed every time, with each time period picking up the last time.

Is there a client or web version of aTimeLogger?

The client is not available, there is a web version, but there are more bugs, it is not recommended to use, it is currently under improvement.

What if I can't open the donation page?

If the donation page doesn't open, you can hang up the VPN if you have a condition, change your browser if you don't have a condition, switch to 4G/WiFi and try again, or wait.

How do I change the category name and adjust the order?

Go to the penultimate "Category" tab, click to enter the corresponding category, and click the "Pen" icon in the upper right corner to edit and rename. Long press the icon to adjust the order.

How do I change the default export software when exporting a report?

The phone opens Settings-Apps-goes to aTimeLogger-Default Open-Clear the default action to re-select it.

Click to restore activation after replacing my phone?

Contact @Sergei Zaplitny

Does the case difference affect when filling in the activation code?


Why can't aTimeLogger record 24 hours in full, at most 23:59?

According to the time zone there is 24:00, but according to the time only 23:59 at most, 24:00 is 00:00 the next day.

Can I get a refund if I donate but regret it?

If you can, send a payment screenshot + email, contact @Sergei or @John Tu.

What are the features of aTimeLogger after the donation?

What is the use of the advanced statistics function after the donation?

"Advanced Statistics" can show the consumption percentage of groups and each category, which makes the data more clear and easy to observe.

Can I just change the category to a group?

No, you currently have to create a new group and move the category under that group.

Why is there no sound for the set target alert?

Check whether the APP permissions are fully enabled in the phone settings.

Huawei phones need to change the automatic mode of the battery to manual control.

Also, selecting the time period for the reminder doesn't require clicking on a box one by one.

Tap directly to the far left to select the day, as shown.

Want to subscribe to TimeTrack but can't use Alipay?

You can contact @Tu Junjie, pay by WeChat feels, or scan the QR code below.

Android TimeTrack.

3 months = ¥21; 6 months = ¥35; 1 year = ¥58; 2 years = ¥68.

Does aTimeLogger have a watch version?

It's available for both iOS and Android, but it's not guaranteed to work for all of them, so go to the store and download it for yourself.

Can aTimeLogger dock with calendar software?

aTimeLogger doesn't work, TimeTrack does.

Does aTimeLogger have a character limit for active notes?

Yes, up to 10,000 characters.

Is there an upper limit to the aTimeLogger activity category?


How do I change my password for aTimeLogger and TimeTrack?

There is currently no option to change the password in the software, you can change it by entering this URL:

After subscribing to TimeTrack on one Android setup, can I continue to enjoy the subscription by logging into the same TimeTrack account on another device?


Do you need to activate it again after changing phones?

After changing phone or activation disappears inexplicably click more - donate - activate - resume, resend the verification code, if wrong, group @Sergei, will resend it to you.

I use Android TimeTrack but can't upgrade, how do I fix it?

There are currently two approaches.

① Download and pay on iPad or iPhone, then log in to Android with your account.

② Swipe the code below and send the screenshot to me or the developer to help open it.

Donations can be made directly by scanning the code:

Select the export interval data (e.g. week) and all the data in the CSV is exported?

1) Change the export method, previously it was sent to email, now it is sent to software.

2) Change the exported software, before CSV sent to WeChat, now it's sent to QQ to try.