Everything is connected and the future of time recording is in our minds

The record of the future must be completely automated and senseless.

In other words, you don't feel like you're being recorded, but the record has permeated your life and the precipitated data will know you better than you do. In fact now that the bureau networking giants are already doing it, think about the smart recommendations of various APPs.

After seeing Black Mirror a few years ago, there were a few scenes that I could never get out of my head, and I thought, that could really be the future.

For example, in the third episode of the first season of Black Mirror, a chip is built into the back of everyone's head, the chip will help you remember all the images your eyes see, call to share at any time, and can also automatically analyze your blood alcohol content, your heart rate changes and other physiological indicators, when you drink and drive, the chip will remind you in the brain of the risks of doing so.

For example, in the first episode of the second season of Black Mirror, by collecting all the information about a man while he was alive, his photos, his voice, the words he wrote, his style of doing things, his emotions in the face of different events, he was automatically integrated and simulated into a "him", a reenactment of life or a digital resurrection.

Then there's the human-to-human interaction in the first episode of Black Mirror Season 3, which implements the scoring mechanism.

Black Mirror, Season 3, Episode 1, "The Fast and the Furious

It's also like the "baseball card" mentioned by Ray Dalio, author of The Principle, when our work cards are swapped, it's possible to know what the person is recognized as good at, what labels they have, what they like to do and what they don't like to do, and ultimately the system automatically determines which group of people might be better off arranging to do which things together.

Kazuo Yano (author of 《人生新算法》) has implemented a work tag for information exchange, which he calls "Business Microscope", which records the number of times the wearer meets/conversations with different people each day, who he spends more time with during breaks, GPS data, etc.

While several of the stories in Black Mirror ended badly, with the Valley of Terror phenomenon, ethics, and security issues all raising fears about the future, I believe that a digital life with everything connected will be a reality!

In addition to sci-fi, there are a few TEDs that are also worth checking out.

1.Every single life matters equally and infinitely.

I like the idea of StoryCorps. How can we prove that we existed in this world in the future? Instead of regretting before you die, why not act now?

2.After your final status update.

What about our social accounts after people die? Waiting for the official recycling? It's time to think about your digital legacy.

3. The Quantified Self.

The TED was nine years ago, when speakers were able to track their body, mood, diet, expenses, etc., through wearable devices, and later set up QS (Quantified-Self), which contains a variety of formidable person.

Of course, no matter how the recording mode develops, it is inseparable from "awareness-early warning-trade-off-optimization". With such a positive cycle, technology will make it more convenient for us to record in the future. You can wait until technology is more advanced, but time will not wait for you, so you might as well start now.


Finally, a list of recommended related movies.

Black Mirror.《黑镜》

The Matrix.《黑客帝国》




If you find a similar movie recommendation or any information, feel free to recommend it to me!