TimeTrack data export and mapping

Data graphs that are pleasing to the eye can significantly drive your record of adherence, and don't believe me, I am an example.

That's why I stick to Excel data visualization, after all.

"Beauty is the number one productivity."

First of all, how to export TimeTrack data, open TimeTrack - more - report - select the time period (such as "today") - top right - export report - CSV - share - select the receiving software, I will generally select QQ my computer.

Open with WPS or Excel can be opened, if you use Excel to open the CSV file found messy, right-click the CSV file, open the way to select Notepad, click File Save As, modify the encoding for ANSI encoding format, save, and then open Excel will show normal.

Open the exported data and it looks like this.

Select columns A through F and double-click in the space between columns to adjust the appropriate column width.

We found that the exported data is divided into two parts, the top part of the blank row is the breakdown, the start and end time, duration and note content of all activities, etc., and the bottom part of the blank row is the activity percentage, the duration and percentage of each activity in the time period you choose to export.

The next part of the data lets you visualize which category consumes the most of your time, while the upper part requires you to use some means to analyze it, such as using Excel's pivot table feature.

You can fully select the first part of the data - insert - data pivot table - OK, then put the start time and activity type in the "row", put the duration in the "value", click the duration in the lower right corner of the triangle - value field settings, summary mode select "sum", the number format to "[h]:mm:ss", OK, then right click at the start time, select the combination, step selection day and month, OK.

The final selection of nearly 4 weeks of data, in descending order, is shown in Fig.

If you want a chart, insert-select the cluster bar chart and you have the simplest chart possible.

The ability to export data for analysis greatly enhances the playability of the data, this advanced operation not only exercises your hands-on ability, ultimately beautiful mapping, but also a kind of positive feedback, next, I will share more data usage to you.

Also, not every export is "smooth", as you may find that there are overlapping data.

If you find that there are overlapping times like "S4:Unhanded, S2:Planned" before you export the data, you first need to locate the overlapping data and fix them.

Go back to the Activity History List page, select Pie Chart, Day, observe which day the data overlaps, then switch to List View, Modify.

If you are also a full time recorder, then when exporting the data, you also need to see if the total time is around "167:59", with a 5 minute error.

If the error is too large, you should find out on a daily basis if you have missed something and make up for it.