What exactly is time recording?

Let me try to define what a "time record" is.

01. What is it?

Time recording is a method to actively control the flow of time and achieve the goal by recording the time consumption of various events.

02. Why?

There are many ways to achieve your goal. Why choose "time record"?

Because when we "want to achieve a certain goal", this goal is mostly imagined, and there is no historical data to prove whether this goal is reasonable and how likely it is to achieve it. Time recording can help us find out the "real time consumption", help us know ourselves, and actively control the flow of time to achieve our goals more effectively.

03. How?

Time recording can be started at any time, paper, pen and software records can be used, we recommend using TimeTrack/aTimeLogger software to record, data are saved on the Internet, portable and easy to store and statistical analysis.

We discover who we really are by recording, and then use the recorded data as a reference to complete self-correction.