Example 7: Save money with piracy? Not necessarily.

Have you noticed that it's taking more and more time and trouble to find piracy these days? Is it worth spending all this time to find a PDF?

We don't analyze this issue on an ethical and copyright level (which of course is bad on those levels!) Instead, it's in your personal interest to tell you that finding piracy doesn't actually save you money.

In the monthly pivot table, filtering "reading" time, Remarks column filtering keywords "find", "PDF", "software", etc., to find all kinds of pirated software and crack version of the time, assuming that each time to find resources to spend about 20 minutes, and your hourly wage of 50 yuan per hour, then find pirated resources cost you 20 yuan.

While you can say my time is worthless and willing to spend it, trust me, it doesn't matter if you didn't know how to do things when you were young (or call it low hourly pay), but as your hourly pay gets higher and higher, it's too uneconomical to spend your time tossing those resources around.

That's sort of one of the reasons why timekeepers, in favor of the original, should be able to do so.