System function - time calibration, automatic correction of associated data

During the recording process, we may not be able to record in real time for various reasons, forget or timeout is often, how to quickly make up or correct the original time data?

First, open the "Time Zone Conflict Reminder" in the settings, so that when the time of two activities overlap, the system will automatically alert and prompt whether to modify, as shown in the figure.

The tip here is to "change the start time of the new event instead of the end time of the old event" when the overlap occurs.

For example, you are "working", but suddenly a stomach ache, want to go to the "toilet", and so you go to the toilet before you think up no time, when the next TimeTrack also shows "work", this time you click "toilet", and then estimate the time to go to the toilet, such as 10 minutes, and then enter the "toilet" activity, the toilet start time back 10 minutes, click save, the system will remind you that now the "toilet" and "work" time overlap, whether to amend, and then you choose to modify the working time to reduce the 10 minutes option (the long one) can be.

Conversely, if you modify the end time of the job first, then modify the start time of the toilet you operate one more time.