System function - location, with scene markers

In the section "5 common ways of classifying time", we mentioned "scene classification".

In TimeTrack (aTimeLogger does not have this feature) the user can go to the active item, select the location, and when exporting the report, there is not only time data, but also location tagging of all time data, adding a dimension of scenario analysis.

In more - location, the top right corner "+" new, enter the location name, click to enter, the optional map has Apple map and Baidu map, I choose Apple map by default, because Apple map has current coordinates and positioning coordinates display, long press the purple positioning marker can be manually corrected, Baidu map does not have the current location, and manually set the coordinates when save invalid.

Fill in the name of the location, such as "home", "office".

Add a location to the activity item, as shown in the figure.

The current disadvantage is that the active item can not be removed after setting the position, and the data export CSV with the position marker is not displayed, can only look at the built-in chart in more - position, it is not recommended.