Use these 2 automatic recording software to assist in recording

In the beginning, trivial logging operations are costly, so I would suggest a "log-only" focus to track blocks of time that need improvement.

But if you still want to try full time recording, then I recommend 2 tools for mobile and computer side respectively.

Mobile: App Timer 2 (Android)/screen usage time (iOS 12)

Computer: RescueTime/ManicTime

Why is it still possible to use automatic recording software to assist? Because I have observed that most of the "fragmented time" often arises from the two chunks of time, "entertainment" and "work", which correspond to scenarios that are mostly mobile entertainment and computer office.

So can we find a tool to automatically record time on our mobile phones and computers to help us with the recording?

Of course you can.

Android uses "App Timer 2" or "24pi" for mobile phones, shown as "App Timer 2".

iOS (iOS 12 and above) with its own "screen time".

For PC, you can use "RescueTime" and Windows can also select "ManicTime".

Armed to the teeth using manual plus automatic recording.

You'll have all the basics of TimeTrack, and in the next chapter, we'll introduce you to some of the more advanced ways to play with TimeTrack!