What do you hope to gain from the time record?

I once asked everyone in moments, "what do you want to gain from keeping track of time?"

Your answers can be summed up as follows:

  • I wish I knew where I spent my time.

  • Want to know yourself through the allocation of time.

  • I want to make myself more efficient and self-disciplined through time recording.

  • Want to have a reference to digital indicators

Everyone has their own priorities, but generally speaking, time recording is a way to help you restore order in your life.

Stick to the time record and you can:

  1. Have "long-distance running thinking", not only live in the present, but also focus on the future.

  2. Establish the order of life, enhance the sense of control, and reduce anxiety and confusion.

  3. Discover your hobbies through real data.

  4. "See" your growth and change.

  5. Hone your patience and experience the power of dripping water to wear stones.

As the old saying goes, "learning is like sailing against the current. If you don't advance, you will fall behind." the same is true of life. If you don't take the initiative to plan, you will be pushed by life.

Lubichev's time recording method is very suitable:

  • People who have a sense of cherishing their time want to know where their time has gone.

  • People who want to be friends with time and achieve their goals better and faster.

  • People who want to leave something for the world, or even write their own Historical Records.

  • Confused, do not know who they are and who can become, hope to know more about themselves

  • Data geeks, people who are obsessed with quantification and like to deal with data.

Time record is your own scale, not the kind of rest assured, but quantified on the table.

Many elites have recommended "records" on different occasions. In addition to using data to help us reflect, time records can also be accumulated and passed on. The precipitated data can give you the ability to "time travel" and quickly "return" to the same day.

Using the accumulated time records, I wrote the first autobiography of my life.

In other words, in addition to helping you find a time black hole, time records can also help you change your behavior and leave your life experience. If you want to recognize yourself, if you feel out of control of your life, you don't know where to start anew. Try "time record".

Trust me, your life will be different!

Just like when I was 22 years old, when I was doing the Proust questionnaire, there was a question.

What do you think is your greatest achievement?

My answer at that time was "college entrance examination notes".

My answer is "college entrance examination notes"?

At the age of 26, I answered this question again when I was doing the Proust questionnaire.

What do you think is your greatest achievement?

What I wrote was, "the time record is 20,000 hours, a day goes on and on."

It is exciting to think about driving more people to start recording time, or even to create a time data museum.

What about you? what do you think is the greatest achievement in your life so far?