Example 4: How effective is my writing?

Seeing a lot of man articles day shift, feel like I am too inefficient in writing, so how efficient is my writing?

Analyze the TimeTrack "writing" data and verify as follows.

Writing efficiency = writing word count / writing time consuming.

Open the monthly pivot table and filter "Writing" and "Values" for sum.

If you don't have a separate word count, you can use Sogou's word count function instead, set - input statistics - total input (you can input daily data in today, but you can't export it) and estimate a value.

I then used "writing efficiency = writing word count/writing time" to get.

Writing less than 700 words per hour is so inefficient!

So I put "learning to write by voice and increasing the efficiency of writing to over 800 words per hour" on my list of actions.

Now the efficiency is up to par!