Example 9: The flow of time brings out the clever

I find myself "purposely leaving the drama at mealtimes", but does that not rush the "entertainment" time to the "dining" time, because the former is detrimental and the latter is a neutral time to let my guard down?

This is my "entertainment" time consuming and can be seen to be all the way down.

Then add the "dining" time curve, and it turns out that there is really catnip, from December onwards cross the line, the less entertainment, the more dining.

I said in "Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking you to 'drive yourself to death'", don't set yourself too harsh goals, not only from the point of view of reasonableness, but also the possibility of "things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme", like in the above picture, use other time items instead, so as to console yourself that you have reached your goal.

So, there are always more ways than problems. Explore your thresholds slowly and don't aim too high as soon as you come up, it will be very stressful and you will end up breaking the pot.