Bringing the timekeeping method to life

The "record, categorize, analyze, change" mentioned in the time recording method is actually the classic PDCA cycle.

This model can be applied to any goal you want to achieve.

For example, I was "writing an autobiography" before, a big project of 140,000 words, how to chew it down in one bite?

The PDCA is simply subdivided into these steps:

  1. Targeting

  2. Project for a goal

  3. Set deadlines

  4. Splitting the target to each day

  5. 50 separate jobs

  6. Visualization of progress

  7. self-discipline is not as good as others

As the project moved forward, I made this record sheet.

Monitor key metrics in your goals such as weight loss is weight and calories, learning to program is number of lines of code and time.

Begin to record this action, which in the words of Think Rich is, "Fire your faith into the universe."

Of course, from a scientific point of view, recording this action is actually a "strong reminder", every day you will be exposed to it, see it, always think about it, naturally, more attentive and easier to complete.

What about you? When are you ready to move in and launch your surefire beliefs?