Example 5: The cost of recording

Many classmates will find it too time consuming to record with TimeTrack every day, what is the actual time cost of recording with TimeTrack?

There are two sources of data.

  • Data source 1: iOS "screen time"

Android can use "24pi" or "Application Timer 2", or if you don't use software, we can use data estimation.

  • Data source 2: Count of all TimeTrack activity items

Open the monthly pivot table and filter the number of hits for all activities in a given time period, then use the number/time period.

Get my January-April data this year, 6189 clicks total, an average of 51 clicks per day.

If you don't write notes, then you spend an average of 4.2 minutes per day on TimeTrack, counting 5 seconds per click, and if you write notes, counting 15 seconds, then you spend an average of 13 minutes per day, which is the cost of recording.