The difference between time electronic ledger and manual ledger

If beginners are advised to start recording time with pen and paper, many students may think of "hand accounts".

Beautiful, customizable, freewheeling handbook attracts countless fans, so what's the difference between electronic ledger and manual ledger recorded by TimeTrack?

Let me use a table to compare and explain:

Each has its own characteristics, and the red mark is the most critical issue. do you care more about beauty or the analysisability of the data?

When I see a beautiful handbook, I can't help but admire how beautiful it is! But the reason for my refusal is that in addition to the fact that drawing is too time-consuming, statistical analysis across time dimensions is a big problem. imagine that you have saved several handbooks and want to analyze the trend of time consumption in the last 3 years. How can you start?

Moreover, I think that if the electronic account has the visualization skills of Excel, it can be done no worse than the manual account, and it can also be beautiful with a sense of science and technology.😂

Friends who like hand accounts can try it themselves. "tools are not the most important". Just choose what is right for you.

But if you are interested in the time e-book, you are welcome to join me to create your own time book.