System function - tomato clock, focus on goal achievement

The Tomato Bell is a TimeTrack Pro account feature.

After setting - tomato clock, turn on the tomato clock function, then set which activity is needed to associate the tomato clock, how long each tomato is, how many tomatoes per day, etc. When the setting is complete and the activity with the tomato clock starts, the system will indicate whether it is normal timing mode or tomato clock timing.

Ordinary timing:

Tomato bell timing:

It is a characteristic of tomato clocks that they must be completed before they are counted, for example 1 tomato clock for 25 minutes, if you quit the tomato clock before the 25 minutes are up, then you cannot start recording the overlay data again next time. This forces the user to focus on accomplishing the goal.

I had rarely used a tomato clock before and felt it didn't do much for me, 25 minutes for things I liked to do wasn't enough, 1 minute for things I didn't like to touch, and I was confident that long periods of concentration were not a problem. But there is always an intermediate situation - "something you don't like, but have to do" - and this is the right situation for a tomato clock. When this happens, 25 minutes a tomato, rest immediately when the point is reached, not long after, to restore the mood and promote the achievement of the goal. Classmates who like it can try it.

I'm still using Siri for iOS more often than not, and it's easy to shout "Siri, 25 minutes countdown".

If you prefer to use a physical one, a direct Taobao tomato clock would be nice.