Is data security and privacy guaranteed?

As we record more time, so does the data, and if you record full time like I do, with an average of 50 events per day, that's 18,000 rows for 1 year. Then you must be asking.

"Is my data security and privacy guaranteed?"

Let's start with security.

Since going live in 2013, aTimeLogger has not experienced any data loss as a result of user feedback.

But in order to avoid small probable events (server crash, etc.) occur and cause irreparable errors, I still recommend users to regularly backup the complete data, for example, I will export CSV into Excel time record source table backup every month, update Baidu cloud disk once a year, multiple backups to avoid data loss to a maximum extent.

Losing data can be a huge blow to record motivation.

If this does happen, give timely feedback to developer @Sergei Zaplitny and try to get it back. Of course, if you do it yourself and delete the data, there's nothing the developer can do about it. The software complies with the GDPR terms and conditions and has a "Cancel Account" button, do not click it unless necessary.

Second is the issue of privacy.

If you are particularly worried about your data being compromised, you should not log in when using the software (TimeTrack must be logged in, but will be weakened later), then the server will not be able to synchronize your data and all data will be kept in your phone. The downside is that you can't synchronize the data of your mobile phone and make your own choices.