Three benefits of keeping track of time

Sticking to the time record for these three years has brought me at least three major benefits.

01. know yourself and let me know where I spend my time

Where the time is, the achievement is there. I can know myself through the flow of time.

For example, what do I do after work?

For example, what is my real hourly rate?

For example, how am I sleeping?

For example, do you know what I watch when I am entertaining?

In the process of time recording, recording this action will constantly enhance your perception of time.

The precipitated data can also help me constantly recognize myself and find my true self.

"know yourself."

-- Socrates

Lubichev time recording is one of the best ways for us to know ourselves.

02. Help me realize that being a man requires the unity of words and deeds.

Supported by the data provided by time records, I can write a personal big data annual report every year to review my personal gains and losses and form a list of the next steps. From the data, I know:

  1. I spend 900 hours a year on entertainment, playing with my mobile phone and watching movies half the time.

  2. Although I say that I value my family and friends more, I spend less than 1% of my pure communication time with my family every year.

  3. My writing efficiency is only 600 words per hour.

  4. I boast that I love learning, but in fact I am addicted to "entertainment" after work.

  5. The hourly salary of my job is not as high as I thought.

  6. ......

We often make verbal promises or "think" of something, but there is often different between imagination and fact.

The real time record is an inner yardstick that helps me recognize the status quo and try to match words with deeds.

"if you can't measure it, you can't improve it."

-- Lord Kelvin

Once we can measure our behavior by data, progress will follow.

03. Let me build a personal brand in the "time record" segment.

The three years of recording time with aTimeLogger (now using TimeTrack) has not only made me friends with developer Sergei Zaplitny, but also made me meet a lot of enthusiasts who made me realize that even in a niche field, there are unmet needs.

It is quite possible that we are the first seed group in China to adhere to self-quantification.

(Self-quantifying Community QS:

The reason for persistence, in addition to these three gains, but also because "most people can not stick to it", but let me have a sense of "rare" satisfaction.


From October 2016 to October 2019, three years.

I have benefited a lot from repeating the positive cycle of "recording, classifying, analyzing" changes in the process of time recording.

I hope that through my sharing, I can make more people feel the charm of time recording, and also tell all the friends who are silently insisting on recording:

"on minority roads, you are not alone."