Who can keep time records for 56 years

Alexander Alexandrovich Lubichev (April 5, 1890-August 31, 1972) was an entomologist, philosopher and mathematician in the former Soviet Union. Graduated from St. Petersburg National University, he has published more than 70 academic works, ranging from decentralized analysis, biological taxonomy to entomology. At the age of 26, he created an original "time statistics", which records the time spent on each event, makes monthly summaries and year-end summaries through statistics and analysis, in order to improve working methods and plan future affairs, so as to improve the efficiency of the use of time. During this period, he continuously improved this statistical method and used it for 56 years until his death.

——Baidu encyclopedia

Lubichev wrote a lot of books all his life, but what is well known to the world is not his works, but the "time / event recording method" he practiced.

This is a kind of "time statistics" invented by Lubichev when he was 26 years old. Record the time expenditure of each event, through statistics and analysis, make monthly summary and year-end summary, in order to improve working methods, plan future affairs, and improve the efficiency of time utilization.

Over the past 56 years, he continued to improve this statistical method, writing non-stop, until his death at the age of 82, with amazing perseverance.

If you want to know more about Lubichev's life, you can read the book 《奇特的一生》.

My first reaction after reading this book was admiration, cool🍺,The second reaction is:

Normal people wouldn't do that, would they?

Like most people's attitude towards time recording nowadays, they recognize its value, but ten people refuse to do so.

Not only that, I also wrote the sentence "I don't need it" in my diary.

Unexpectedly, I "hit in the face" after a trial for a period of time, and found that I was really not a "normal person".

Since October 2016, 24-hour full-time time recording has been kept out of control, and more than 20000 hours have been recorded so far.

When I think about it, sticking to the time record has brought me at least three benefits.