Example 6: A future home where the water is big enough for the bath

The size of the faucet in your home not only affects the experience, but also indirectly helps you save lives?

I've found that baths are significantly different in summer and winter, lasting about 18 minutes at a time in winter and about 14 minutes in summer.

Maybe there's no way to avoid the seasonal effects, but I've found that the size of the shower faucet also has a significant effect on the length of time.

I analyzed the "wash" time and found that there is an average difference of 4 minutes between big tap A and small tap B. Then, assuming we wash once a day, 365 days a year, we will use small tap B 24 hours less.

Assuming my hourly wage is $50/hour, that's $1200 a year to spend on a bath because of the small faucet water!

The thinking is similar to the "buy a dishwasher" example.

So I've come to the conclusion that the bath water pressure must be high enough and that not having enough water pressure is a waste of my life😀.