What to do with monthly exported data reports

Reports are produced in units of "months" as opposed to "weekly reports" in which the exported data area is "detailed data".

After exporting the breakdown data, paste the breakdown data into Excel, process it with VBA, and replace the "S*" mark in bulk, corresponding to the following.

The disaggregation function is used to split activity types into two columns, primary and secondary classification.

Then copy and paste the "finished" data to the monthly source table, and the supertable (Ctrl+L) will automatically expand the area and fill in the "time property".

The time attribute is matched using the vlookup function and the parameter table is placed in the "Activity definition table".

Delete the first data from the beginning of the month, as this one duplicates the last one from last month, and you can observe for yourself.

Select all data, create a pivot table (monthly pivot), drag "Start Time" to the row, "Duration" to "Value" and "Activity Category" to the column. Set the format of the "value" to "summation term" and the numeric format to "[h]:mm:ss".

Insert chart to add visualization:

Finally, we need to check the monthly data to improve the "authenticity" of the data.

For example, after making the data table every month, I will filter out "entertainment", "reading", "other", three categories, the first two correct the naming of the notes area, the latter browse through the notes to find out if there is a classification error.

For example, if I'm reading "The Road to Wealth and Freedom", I'll write down "Wealth and Freedom" (don't be too simple, or you'll forget what you read at the end of the month), so I'll need to make up all the abbreviations in my monthly data notes for subsequent presentation and analysis.

If you are not like me and like to put all the data into Excel to process, then you have to mark the record, such as the book title number "", easy to "search".

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